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Newport Limousine Service, LLC, was founded in May of 1999 by Judith A. Berry, LCSW. Ms. Berry holds a masters degree and has worked in various professions including publishing, mental health, and counseling as well as previously owning a small business. Our experience as previous limousine owners has given us a full appreciation of the complexities of establishing a good transportation business. Our subcontractors must meet all federal and state licensing requirements, including regional airport policies and procedures. Vehicles must have the necessary levels of vehicle damage and liability insurance, as well as participating in all state yearly inspection examinations. This requires a high standard of vehicle maintenance and repair, with safety issues of our passengers given the highest priority. All vehicle drivers must be experienced chauffeurs, have good driving records, present well-groomed professional appearance, as well as an ability to provide excellent customer service.

Logistic Planning & Customer Service

When you book our transportation for your special event, we look at your schedules and make recommendations to you about specific times to start your transportation. This is especially critical for Newport summer and fall events. It is more complicated than using Google Maps to calculate distance. We take into account, the heavy summer and fall traffic, and the time requirements for the types of vehicles that you are renting.

When you contract with Newport Limousine, we provide services up to and after your event. A few days prior to the event, we normally provide your driver’s names and numbers, so you can reach them at the last minute if necessary.

Even after the event, we are often contacted for lost cell phones, and other valuables. We do our best to assure a timely return if the items are found in the vehicles.

We happily give you information about other services in the Newport areas, such as lodging, restaurants, and other reliable services.

For all weddings and events, we use detailed contracts which require deposits.

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